• Univer was the best decision for Zoppas Industries

    Here at Zoppas Industries we’ve been working four months with Univer Global Language. As a company we had some difficulty deciding on a provider at first, but a today we can now say it was the best decision. Friendly staff , focus on our results, and qualified personnel is representing this company.

    I can say that we will keep working with them for much longer.

    Fernando Dorantes
    Fernando Dorantes
    Empresa: Zoppas Industries
  • A great experience working with Univer

    It was a great experience working with Univer Global Language. They have the flexibility to create specific programs tailored to the needs of the company. The progress of our staff learning the English language is remarkable.



    Leslie Zavalza (Outotec)
    Leslie Zavalza
    Empresa: Outotec
  • Univer always catered to our needs

    Univer Global Language has contributed significantly to the development of English language skills of our collaborators. This has been done in a focused and personalized manner, catering to our specific needs.

    Sonia Guzman
    Sonia Guzman
    Empresa: SEL