Privacy Statement



Information will be collected in different ways and from different areas of the websites UNIVER-GLOBAL.COM among which the following:
User Information we collect directly

Information we collect when you visit our site, use our products, or view our online advertisements.

Information we collect about you from other sources, such as commercially available sources.

All information we collect about you may be combined to help tailor communications to this and develop our products.

Shall be subject to the safety and privacy all personal data you voluntarily enter this email address.
Information will be required as:
Name (s) and surname.
Landline and / or mobile.
Date of birth.
Payment information.
Preferences for communication in the future.
Demographic information.
Information about you and your family such as gender and / or preferences and / or behaviors to use the products / services.
Tax data for billing purposes.

The information requested will allow contact customers when necessary. Users can be contacted by phone or email if additional information is required to complete a transaction.


The information provided during the registration process, a program enrollment and promotions is used for internal research on the demographics, interests and behavior of users; in order to provide products, services, content and advertising tailored to their needs.


Cookies are small pieces of information that are sent by the website to the browser. Are stored on the hard disk of the equipment and used to determine the preferences of users accessing the electronic portal (UNIVER-GLOBAL.COM) as well as to track certain behaviors or activities.

Cookies can recognize users, detect the bandwidth they have selected, identify salient information, calculate the size of the audience and measure certain traffic parameters.


UNIVER GLOBAL LANGUAGE, responsible for data informs its holders before providing them, when these were identified as the user are on the website UNIVER-GLOBAL.COM or information in our contact center and enter the data which this notice relates, these are authorizing the fact that such information will be shared with UNIVER GLOBAL LANGUAGE so gives the service by which you have access to information, unless otherwise specified.

UNIVER GLOBAL LANGUAGE, has no duty to keep confidential any information you provide through newsletters and online discussions (chats) and through cookies, the above based on the terms set out in Article 109 Federal Copyright Act and Article 76a, section I of the Federal Consumer Protection Act.

Only be spread information in special cases, such as identifying, locating or bring legal action against anyone who violates the terms of service in the UNIVER-GLOBAL.COM web site, cause damage to, or interfere with the rights of UNIVER GLOBAL LANGUAGE, property, other users of the portal or anyone who could be harmed by such activities.

UNIVER GLOBAL LANGUAGE NOT sell, give away, or rent provide confidential information to third parties. If the user does not want your data to be shared, you can do without a particular service or not participate in certain promotions or contests.

UNIVER GLOBAL LANGUAGE NOT share confidential information with third parties, unless authorized by your subscribers or when through a court order is required to comply with certain procedural requirements.

In the case of information on data holders provide a UNIVER GLOBAL LANGUAGE telephone (contact center thereof), implement privacy policies contained in this notice except that such information will not be shared with the company aforementioned.


The personal data provided by the user will be part of a file containing your profile which will have access and which may be consulted and / or modified by the owner at any time in order that he may exercise the rights conferred by law respect to limit the use or disclosure of their data, request rectification, cancellation or express their opposition using user numbers / partner and assigned personal identification that can also be modified by phone or via email, all the numbers and addresses that are contained in the contact information section of the website from which this notice appears.

The user is advised to update their data regularly.

Also, if you enter promotions via email may at any time disable this service.


The safeguarding of children’s information is extremely important, so be minimal required data to provide the services to be provided to this sector.

Parents and guardians to advise minors when surfing the Internet and approve sending any personal information is recommended.


The data collected prior consent of the owner thereof will be treated under the measures of administrative, technical and physical necessary to protect against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or use, disclosure or unauthorized processing of these, to which cater to standards that employs them responsible for information for managing information.

Any breach of security that may occur at any stage of treatment and deemed significantly affect the economic or moral rights of data subjects will be notified immediately, in the same way that the amendments in this notice and policies privacy, which is under the responsibility of the user to periodically review the privacy policies to be aware of such modifications and manifest what serves his interests through the means provided for that purpose in this notice which when introduced in website automatically take effect.


UNIVER GLOBAL LANGUAGE reserves the right to make at any time changes to this privacy notice and adapt to new legislation, case law, as well as market practices, which will be communicated to the holders of the information concerning personal data collected by publication thereof in the UNIVER-GLOBAL.COM web site, which is under your responsibility to periodically review the privacy policies to be aware of such modifications and manifest what serves his interests by means that purpose are provided in this notice, which when introduced into the website will automatically take effect.