The Univer Method

Our method is based on the active participation of students in the learning process. This is achieved through oral practice that provides students with the essential knowledge of grammar and vocabulary while perfecting your pronunciation and accuracy.

To consolidate this knowledge and improve confidence and poise student , constantly practicing those situations has been to use the language , both oral comprehension and expression. Each class offers a variety of activities leading to maintain student motivation throughout the course and the achievement of the objectives set.


The curriculum consists of six levels:

  1. Beginner
  2. Elementary
  3. Pre-Intermediate
  4. Intermediate
  5. Upper-Intermediate
  6. Advanced

In the last two levels (Upper- Intermediate and Advanced), students can choose between two specialties such as :

English for Accounting English for Presentations
English for Automobile Industry English for Customer Care
English for E-mails English for Meetings
English for Marketing and Advertising English for Human Resources
English for Socializing English for Telephoning

Our students are our teachers in their offices, either in hours immediately before or after your workday . The student studies between 3 and 6 hours per week , but you can run programs with more intensity. The minimum class lasts one hour.

The steps are:

1.) An assessment of English proficiency: PLACEMENT TEST.
2.) Setting up the schedule.
3.) Choosing the right teacher.
4.) Start the class .
5.) Monthly reports including the hours taken , and record of progress .
6.) Curriculum per level for each group or individual student.
7.) Control of attendance.
8.) Ongoing dialogue between teacher and student.
9.) Progress chart at the end of the course ( see chart).
10.) We are always available to our clients to discuss any topic related to the development of classes .